Sustainable Growth

When making and packing goods there's a lot of paper, cardboard and plastic that goes around and I try my best to recycle it all and reuse or repurpose if possible and I'd like to share with you what I learned so far about the recycling process in case you are interested too. 

How to Recycle

I'll be referencing the materials you will find in your order from Shiroi Room as an example and also so you know how you can deal with the potential waste from your order.

You'll find two types of packaging in your order. Paper Based and Plastic Based.

Most of the packing of your order will be paper, more specificly, recycled paper or recycled cardboard. Which is good because is relatively easy to recycle paper.

  • Paper Based: 

Backing cards, Postcards, backing cardboard, corner protectors, stickers, washi tape, paper printed bag, colored tissue, paper and the outside of kraft envelopes (shipping label is also paper).

All of these can be taken to the paper recycling bin. In case of the kraft envelopes, rip tthe bubble linning before disposing of it.

  • Plastic Based:

Protective sleeves, self sealing bags, printed bags, tape, bubble wrap and poly mailer.

All of these are considered plastic films. Do not take them to the containers bin. They have specific points of disposal, usually at supermarkets or stores. It is the same place where plastic grocery bags are disposed to recycle. Since this is less known procedure you can get more information at

Another very good way of recycling is to reuse or repurpose as much as possible, at least before eventually disposing of things. For example plastic sleeves and self sealing bags can be used to store goods in an organized way. Printed bags can be used for the same but with extra cuteness and you can also use them as gift wrap for a special gift. Cardboard is so versatile! You can draw/paint on it, you can cut shapes, etc.

If you have any information or correction that would be useful to include in this very small guide please contact me so I can add it.

Enjoy your order