FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

 Where do you ship from?

Everything ships from Vancouver, B.C. in Canada :)

♡ Do you accept international orders?

Yes! You will be able to add your information and choose a shipping rate corresponding to your country during checkout.

♡ What is your processing time? 

Shiroi Room is a small independent artist business run only by me at the moment, which means I will be the only person in charge of fulfilling orders. Generally processing times are between 3 to 7 days however in especial circumstances like a reopening, a launch or a restock it will take longer due to the volume of orders. Feel free to contact me any time to ask about the status of your order. 

♡ When will my order arrive?

Delivery times after package has been shipped.

Canada: Delivered 2 - 10 days after shipment
United States: Delivered 1 - 3 weeks after shipment
Overseas/International: Delivered 2 - 8 weeks after shipment

♡ I would like to have my order before a specific date, is it possible?

I cannot guarantee something will arrive by a specific date but I can prioritize your order in case you need it for special cases like gifts for birthdays that are needed before a certain date. Please contact me if this is the case.

♡ How much is shipping?

Shipping is calculated at the time of purchase and is based in real time prices provided by Canada Post. Depending on your country, what you ordered and the shipping method you chose, the price will vary.

You can see the cost of shipping by adding everything you want to your cart and going through the process. It will show you the total cost before asking for any payment.

♡ Does the shipping cost depend on the price of a product?

No. Postal services charge by weight and they offer fixed prices based on range of weight with a minimum starting price that goes up in small increments. Orders inside the same weight range have the same shipping cost, no matter number of products or price of the order. Generally, this means that the more you order the cheaper the shipping will be per product.

♡ My order is taking longer than the delivery times says. What do I do?

Please contact me and I'll try my best to help you.

♡ What happens if my order gets lost?

It doesn't happen too often but it does happen from time to time. The best way to avoid problems is to choose a shipping option that supports tracking (Tracked, Expedited, XpressPost or Priority). I am not responsible for lost packages but if there is a tracking number the Post Office should be able to help. Please contact me in any case.

♡ Does my order have a tracking number?

Please make sure to select a shipping option that allows tracking. This options are Expedited, Priority, Xpresspost or Tracked Package. Depending where you live you might have different options available. If you select Small Packet, Light Packet or International Surface you cannot have a tracking number.

♡ My order is damaged or something I ordered is faulty what do I do?

In any of these cases the products would be replaced (same product but different unit) at no cost. Please contact me and provide pictures and explanation of the problem.

♡ What if there is something missing in my order?

If this is the case please contact me and I'll be happy to help.

♡ Can I exchange something?

Currently only clothing can be exchanged but please pay attention to the measurements to avoid possible exchange.

If you wish to exchange a product please contact me and we will arrange it. You will be responsible for the cost of shipping back and forth.

Remember that if you need a replacement because the product is damaged that will have no cost to you.

♡ Can I get a refund?

If you cancel your order before it has been sent for any reason you will get a full refund. If your order has shipped already you need to send it back and upon reception you will be refunded the cost of the order minus the shipping.


Thank you for reading all this info! ~